What To Do In Medan Indonesia

  1. Visit the home of What To Do in Medan’s most prominent Chinese retailer — Tjong A Fie Mansion
    This unassuming 2 storey mansion belonged to some Hakka retailer at the 1900s. Walk in and you’ll be astonished at the architecture and design of this century-old mansion, finely preserved to its original glory.

    There are 35 rooms altogether and one of his grandsons still resides in a closed-off section of the compounds For Rp35,000 (~S$3.50), you’ll get to tour a few of the grandest rooms such as the ballroom, the dining area and Tjong A Fie’s personal bedroom which is easily larger than 3 present day bedrooms at Singapore.

  2. Satisfy your durian cravings every time of the day — Si Bolang Durian
    A quintessential activity in Medan, this adorable open-concept durian joint is available twenty-four hours every day. Pick a bench, snap a few for the gram and fulfill your cravings. From Chinese cuisine to 24-hour durian shops, you could spend a whole day eating 6 meals plus you still would not have scratched the surface of food gemstone in this city. Check out Day 4 of our Medan Itinerary for more details.
  3. Have breakfast at the locals’ favorite Duck Noodle place — Bihun Bibek Aise
    Just ask any local and you’ll be wowed at the amount of food recommendations they could rattle off the top of their heads. Among the popular Chinese eateries here is Bihun Bibek located only a 15 minute walk from JW Marriott, we got here early to locate the whole eatery packed.
  4. Indulge yourself at a JW Marriott for under S$100 a night
    Whilst a night in JW Marriott Singapore costs over S$400, you can indulge in a lavish night at a much more affordable rate (under S$100) at Medan. With 5-star service and amenities, there really isn’t a reason to stay someplace else. Those willing to splurge a bit more on the chambers could be rewarded with an insane view of the city.
    Conveniently based in the center of the city, JW Marriott is also close to a lot of famous eateries in Medan.