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            Development History


            On  Jan  6,  EVE  GROUP  passed examination of  the  CHES2004 Enterprise Credit Evaluation standard system , and was  evaluated   as  a  enterprise  that  honouring the contract  and  keeping  promise.

            On  Jan  18 , EVE  won  the  Golden Tripod Award .

            On  Jan  20 ,  Mrs.Xia Hua  was  elected  in  China's top ten independent brand leading figures, EVE won the top 100 of  Chinese Independent Brand.

            In  Jan , EVE  group  won  the  2014  Beijing enterprise culture construction demonstration units.

            In  Jan ,  EVE  group  was  selected  in the first  top  100  Chinese independent brand issue investigation.

            On  Mar 24 ,  EVE de CINA  took part  in  China  international fashion week .

            On  Oct  12 ,  EVE de UOMO  won  the  classy article grade  in  2015 industry detection.

            In   Oct ,  EVE  won  the  2015 national textile industry talents construction advanced unit .

            In  Oct ,  CEO  Xia Hua    won  the 2015 personal honor award of national textile industry talents construction .

            On  Oct  30 ,  The Chinese manual art research center and the global alliance for designers
            Convened a  Conference in  EVE  castle.