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          Development History


          On  Jan  9 ,  CEO  Xia Hua  won the  2013 annual  figure  of  struggle  year. 

          On  Feb  14 ,  EVE  group  invested  the  film “ Beijing  love  story”.

          On   Mar  12 ,  EVE de UOMO  was  voted for 2013 Beijing famous brand.

          On  Mar  31 ,  CEO  Xia  Hua   accompanied xi jinping visit to Germany.

          In  Apr ,  EVE  won  the  10th   Chinese  clothing  brand  yearly  brand and  the  title  of the brand  of 2013.

          On  Apr 28 ,  EVE  group  CEO  Xia Hua  was  awarded  China fashion feats for 20 years.

          On  Jun 15 ,   the  film  The  Queen  sponsored by  NOTTINH  HILL  displayed in shanghai international film festival.

          In  Jul ,  EVE  won  the title of 2013 top 100 garment industry enterprises ,profit total ranked 95th,return on sales of 30th.

          In   Aug , CEO  Xia Hua won the  title  of  influential people of Chinese brand construction.

          In   Aug  , EVE  group  won  the  title  of  influential brand in China's garment industry brand list.

          On  Aug  20 , EVE  group  won   Chinese industry influence brand , CEO Xia Hua  won  the  figure  of  Chinese  brands  construction  influence.

          On  Sep  12 ,  production design director Liu Tieyi  won  the  title of Chinese clothing of  2014.

          On  Sep 28 ,  EVE DE UOMO  won  the  classy article grade in 2014 industry detection.

          In  Sep ,  EVE de UOMO  won  the national quality integrity outstanding typical enterprise title.

          In  Oct ,  EVE  group  won  the  title  of  Fengtai district specialization new enterprises for  3  years .

          In  Nov ,  EVE  group  won  the  Beijing  top  ten  most  culture  creative  fashion   brand  award.

          On   Nov 12 ,  the case” subverting  men's clothing retail with mobile  O2O “  provided by EVE  group  won the award of 2014 zero Jin Ling of the people's livelihood.

          On  Nov  23,   20th anniversary celebration of  EVE  group  held  successively .

          In  Dec , Chinese style dress Qingming scroll of  EVE group won the 2014 gold award.