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            Development History


            In   Jan ,  EVE  won  the  Beijing   clothing   marketing  gold  brand  in 2007.

            In  Mar ,  EVE   won  the  planning  award  nomination of  Chinese  clothing  brand  and  innovation   award nomination.

            In  Mar,  NOTTING HILL  haute couture conference  pull  open  the prelude  of  the  China  fashion week .

            In   Mar ,  JP  took  part  in  the  16th CHIC exhibition .

            In  Apr ,  EVE  won  the title of   the top 100  national   garment  industry enterprises  and  return on sales 16th.

            In  Apr ,  EVE  won  the title of   the top 100  national   garment  industry enterprises  and  return on sales 60th.

            EVE   was identified as China well-known trademark by the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office.

            EVE  brands  was the designated  clothing  for  the  Chinese youth  volunteer  service  abroad  Laos project  volunteer.

            In  Apr  EVE  design  bag  won  the  patent  for   utility  model.

            In  May  EVE  obtained  the four patent of appearance design.

            In  May,  EVE  group  donated  4 million  yuan  worth  of  relief  supplies to  Sichuan  earthquake  disaster  area.

            In  Jun ,  designers of  EVE  took  part  in   humanistic Olympics concept of Chinese fashion clothing design work conference.

            In  Jun , EVE   group  held  a  environmental protection exhibition  in  Contemporary mall.

            In  Sep , EVE  won  the  Beijing  top  ten  fashion  gold  brand  medal.

            EVE  GROUP  customized  clothing  for  the  staff  of  the   Beijing  Paralympic  opening  and  clothing   ceremonies,  and  won   the  special  contribution  award  of  Beijing  2008  paralympic  games  opening  and  clothing   ceremonies.

            EVE 、White-collar  and  other famous  clothing  brands  held  shaxi spill  brand  union  in  zhongshan.