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        1. VIP service:4008-980-966-8
          • Custom business:4008-980-966-1
          • Join the business:4008-980-966-2
          • E-business:4008-980-966-3
          • Complaint&Suggestion for EVE VADO:4008-909-678-0
          • Sales&Service for EVE VADO:4008-909-678-1
          • Host TEL:010-63702255
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          Development History


          EVE DE UOMO  was  rated  as  “China's  top ten  men's clothing brand  with  most popular consumers” ,“Zero complaint products for four consecutive years” and  “Customer satisfaction products”.
          EVE emotional fashion theme exhibition “Missing  &  Homeland”.
           EVE passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification .
          Established  the  brand  of  “KEVIN KELLY”.