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          Tonight, the world is listening your story.

          Published time:2017.11.06

          There is a long, long story. 
          We took this picture at Buckingham Palace on September 8th. 
          September 11th., time zone. In the streets of London, there is such a special group of people. 

          They traveled nine thousand miles,
          Coming out of the mountains of guizhou, China,
          To London. 

          And for them,
          Probably for generations,
          The first time they have a chance to do it today
          Bring their culture to the world. 

          They lean on one hand,
          Without a sketch,
          Without reference,
          They can describe the beauty of their hearts. 

          The first time they could be in such a moment,
          With the traditional embroidery skills that were on the verge of being lost.

          With a proud gesture to the world. 

          They are China for thousands of years
          Buyi cultural inheritors – in deep mountains
          Chinese embroideries. 

          London time 18:30, September 11, 2017
          At 01:30 a.m. on September 12, Beijing time,
          The Chinese embassy in London. 

          lead pioneer, avant garde,
          London, a city with a long history 

          The theme of the event "China's traditional handicraft culture---45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Britain ", jointly hosted by the Chinese embassy and the Chinese and British entrepreneurs' club.

          EVE china craftsmanship,
          Together with the buyi people in southwest China,
          Dress up to deduct "embroidered dream" theme fashion show;
          Lead the launch of B&H creative platform,
          Chinese traditional handicraft static exhibition
          ...... Series activities. 

          The first fashion
          Let it be inherited for thousands of years
          China's culture of cloth is on the stage of the world. 
          Mr. Liu xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to the UK
          Madam hu pinghua sent an invitation .

          Business leaders from the UK
          From China's zhongguancun 100 club entrepreneur
          Nearly 200 guests and media attended the event.

          Five years later,
          This is the Chinese embassy in London
          A second cultural fashion show. 

          In 2016,
          Three poverty-stricken townships in guizhou,
          First time
          "Three poverty-stricken townships in guizhou".


          132 poverty-stricken villages,
          100,000 poor people,
          The first result:
          Lean back. Out of poverty. 

          "Guizhou province actively implement the" accuracy "for poverty alleviation policy, under the help according to the article, and group enterprise, adjust measures to local conditions, through developing national costumes and other traditional industries, creatively solved QianXiNa region, especially in remote mountainous minority female employment problem." -- liu xiaoming.

          For xia hua, who has been walking for 15 years,


          Many ancient civilizations,
          Eventually they went to the museum,
          Stayed at the museum.


          Our civilization,
          In the breath of each generation of Chinese,
          It carries our joys and sorrows,
          Shape our voice and smile. 

          EVE China craftsmanship,
          In spring, summer, autumn and winter,
          Deep in the mountains of guizhou, China
          Building the first handicraft museum,
          The 13th seat will be completed. 

          More than 3000 Chinese traditional aesthetic patterns,
          One is sorted into a database. 

          Over the mountains,
          Make it visible
          It is shown in EVE China craftsmanship. 

          Walking through countless days and nights through the mountains,
          Devoted to the exploration and application of traditional Chinese aesthetics
          For 23 years.


          According to the public interest in the heart, business practices
          Founded EVE Chinese hand workshop,
          Become the element of Chinese handicraft culture
          Output and service first platform.

          23 years of dedication,
          15 years of unremitting efforts.
          Today, through the precise poverty alleviation plan of EVE,
          More and more mountain embroideries have
          a happy day to support themselves and support their family. 

          Xia hua tells the story about fifteen years ago
          The first time I walked into the mountain and met the embroider,
          To this day with the buyi woman,
          Travel 9000 miles
          The story of coming to London. 

          A woman from the mountains of southwest China,
          Wrote a letter,
          Invite people to go to September 11
          This "the covenant of the southwest". 

          This handwritten letter, and the "Chinese traditional handicraft culture in British line -- celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Britain" in the "Chinese traditional handicraft culture",


          To the British business community,
          Fashion and culture, investment community,
          Education and media.
          "Chinese culture first affected the western world, more than 2,000 years ago. Through the land silk road, the ancient Roman empire saw the silk from China for the first time.
          Barbara Judge, an Englishman who loves Chinese culture, says: 

          Today, many Chinese friends are talking about Chinese culture. This is not a new topic. which is almost a western tradition. ...... B&H will be a new creative concept display platform: China cultural and creative center. Through Chinese culture creative hub, we will work to establish B&H become cultural exchange platform, promote cultural exchanges between China and Britain and china-uk, let the world see these beautiful Chinese arts and crafts and Chinese culture."
          A little piece of cloth,
          Four from the southern state of China
          Buyi woman
          With the embroidery and singing the old folk songs,
          Walking to the stage slowly.
          Sitting quietly on the stage, they began their daily needlework.
          45 sets of EVE CINA fashion, inspired by Chinese embroidery,
          24 sets of golden gold of China limited company special design of Chinese elements gold accessories... 

          It's 9,000 miles away from home
          Outside London,
          There is a beauty of Oriental fashion.
          9000 miles away,
          For centuries,
          No one knows.
          It's been through
          How much waiting and holding,
          Probably not heard.
          In the remote mountains,
          An female embroidered
          The longing for the future even once
          Slowly and rapidly
          For 15 years,
          Race against time and civilization.
          Shuttle back and forth in the city
          And the remote mountains of guizhou,
          Every road
          Through the days and nights,
          Every time the road is uncertain,
          Just for one day
          With the beauty of traditional handicraft
          The hope of life of the embroider comes out of the mountain.
          15 years to promote one thing, let Chinese culture meet the global fashion.
          When Chinese embroiderers came from the mountains to London and boarded the catwalk, the world met the beauty of traditional Chinese handicrafts.
          There is no sound in the little embroidery thread,
          Tonight, the sound waves of the dream of the embroiderer are heard overseas.
          On the streets of London,
          The happy smile on every lady's face,
          The world understands this moment.