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            EVE fashion space

            The EVE fashion space Covers an area of 3200 square meters, mainly built for design teams.

            In the  22 years , EVE GROUP had  established  five brands  and  business  suits ,all the designs and  from these designers. In order to bring more inspiration and a comfortable and beautiful  space ,  EVE fashion  space  was built.

            The  fashion  space has 2  floors ,  the  design  concept  of round  is  round heaven and square earth

            The first floor  is   square  earth, is  a  symbol of  EVE GROUP’s stable and solid foundation.

            The  second floor is  round heaven, is a  symbol of the circulation, eternity, perfection and harmony.

            Round  and  square are  the basic geometric shapes. Round  has the gentle beauty. Square has the  neat  beauty. Round  and square embody  the  perfect combination of strength and kindness. The meaning of  “Round  and  square” is  clear  and  profound , it symbolizes EVE GROUP standing  on  high-tech , absorbing the essence of the world level latest technology, rooting  in  the  land  of China , and  by  unremitting efforts to  be the mainstream  of the  industry.