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                Social Recruitment

                Recruitment center Recruitment department Position Number Release time
                Marketing center Franchise Department Bussiness manager 1 2016/11/18 19:03:53 View details

                Job description

                Job Responsibilities:
                1、To be responsible for the development of domestic market customers according to the development strategy and annual plan formulated by the company;
                2、According to the policy of franchising policy and its development strategy, expanding the franchising business for brand development;
                3、To be responsible for the development and maintenance of market development,reaching the sales targets;
                4、Be responsible for selecting and evaluating franchisees,negotiating with the franchisee and sign the contract, ensuring the implementation of the alliance fee and guarantee;
                5、Responsible for in-depth development of potential customers and new customers, expanding market influence;
                6、Visiting customers regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the cooperation plan.
                Job qualifications:
                1、College degree or above in marketing, management or related discipline;
                2、More than five years experience in developing, attracting and managing the retail chains of branded clothing;
                3、Familiar with brand management, brand operation mode and market environment, having Rich customer resources;
                4、Extroverted personality, strong communication ability, business negotiation ability, proficient in marketing planning and channel expansion, can adapt to business travel;
                5、Having sensitive business and market awareness, analytical problem and problem solving ability, have excellent resource integration ability and business promotion ability.

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