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        Event chronicle

        Participation of well-known global companies

        • On 27th May 2017, Chinese fashion industry leader EVE group and qinxi'nan state have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
        • On 2017 EVE CINA fashion show , EVE group take the BUYI culture which has eixsted a thousand year to the international stage.

        Attention from the Chinese government and International organizations

        Ms. Liu Yan Dong, Deputy Prime Minister of China and Ms. Bokova, the Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, bothvisited the Chinese Craftsmanship exhibition. They shared their deep appreciation of Chinese craftsmanship.

        Support from global opinion formers

        The UK Business Ambassador, Lady Barbara Judge CBE, Chairman of the British Board of directors visitedthe EVE Castle recently, and is now committed to pro-moting Chinese craftsmanship in the UK.
        • Chinese entrepreneurs support Chinese Craftsmanship
        • Miss Dally, Ambassador for the Prom-otion of Chinese Craftsmanship
        • Ms. Fu Xiaotian, Ambassador for the -Promotion ofChinese Craftsmanship.

        Participation of well-known global companies

        • Chinese Craftsmanship has now reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese National Philatelic Corporation.
        • China's handmade Square and China's largest self-made electric business enterprise, the Jingdong group, have engaged in strategic cooperation to open the first hand square online museum.

        Participation of well-known global companies

        • Chinese workshops and Canon (China) Chinese traditional culture protectiontogether developed a joint publicaction launched with Canon's founder Xiahua(China) and the vice president Mr. Okuyama Takashi. They both exchanged gifts.
        • A Chinese workshop with Diana Jimmy Choo's Royal cobbler, Zhou Yangjie, was cooperative process.The two sides of this project jointly create China's traditional arts and crafts culture and innovative fashion products consumption boom.