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      Core values

      EVE GROUP was founded in 1994 , which expertizes in the field of senior men's clothing, and the scope of business involves clothing brand management, accessories business, business wear, gift, business information and cultural creativity and so on . EVE GROUP has EVE de UOMO, NOTTINGHILL, EVE de CINA、Kevin Kelly、NOTTING HILL、JAQUES PRITT five brands , and agents Versace Fendi Kenzo comes and other international famous brands. At the same time, Chinese craftsmanship workshop launched by EVE GROUP combining EVE de CINA for many female customers provides ladies garment and customized service. EVE GROUP has more than 500 stores in China. With billions of dollars of annual sales and more than 1 million members . The brands of EVE successively won the "China well-known trademark", "Chinese clothing brand of the year award", "Top 1oo enterprise of national textile and apparel ","High and new technology enterprise" and so on .

      For a long time, EVE group always pay attention to the development and growth of creative industries. On product design, EVE group mixes the most valuable Chinese traditional culture and international fashion elements together perfectly. On the industrial chain integration, EVE group advocates "Chinese design, global manufacturing, Chinese story international express", EVE has achieved global operations. On designer's training, EVE group has set up its own studio and talent pool in London, Paris and Milan, by implementing the integration of global talent, EVE has formed its own global design centers. On science and technology research and development, EVE group has set up a maker space, to making innovations on multiple high-tech fields.

      EVE fashion butler
      Let every successful man stand on their own wonderful stage
      more elegantly.

      The perfect combination of tradition and modern

      The rigorous process Serious attitude

      The perfect combination of tradition and modern

      The rigorous process Serious attitude

      Inheriting the traditional craft culture In based tracing

      EVE GROUP inherits Chinese traditional craft culture, traces the traditional Chinese handicraft based on embroidery carving decorative batik and so on. Carrying forward the culture of eastern life aesthetics,combining Chinese traditional craft and modern fashion design,making it into a modern business model with commercial value , thus providing best quality products for enterprises and individuals with demand.
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