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            Interpretation of ideas

            THEIR STORIES

            Since founded , EVE GROUP has been committed to the promotion and development of China's fashion industry, for every consumer to provide perfect products and best service experience. Over the past twenty years , international brands once become popular with consumers . local brands are constantly suppressed and excluded, thus has long been a lot of unfair treatment.

            Elegant temperament + good services, elegance, affinity, intellectuality and specialty.
            ——The darling of the society and the fashion industry

            Entrepreneurial passion moment

            A good man, from coming-of-age ceremony , entering the workplace and wedding and success and traveling
            EVE GROUP start from love
            In the service of every scene in the men's life experience
            When traveling , because of EVE, you can make a trip anytime
            When on Party and ceremony, because of EVE , Social life with full enthusiasm
            When good friend chatting, because of the butler's selection, gift is full of surprises

            EVE fashion butler
            Is the service of every man's life trajectory
            On every important moment of successful person

            Team's perfect debut

            Team's perfect debut

            Give the family a warm love

            Fashion butler is saling a new quality of life
            The life is full of affection and love
            This is a new consumption pattern
            Elite men don't need to spend time to thinking about where to shopping and what to wear in the morning.
            EVE fashion butler will make dressing collocation schemes according working hours、leisure hours and important moments in every week.
            We solve the needs of their lives and emotions, rather than the product demand.