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              Brand stories

              Brand  introduction :
              YULY  is  the first transboundary Shared collections store in EVE GROUP. YULY  adheres to  the  cultural  concept of “Due to people, before they are due to take things”, advocates
               fashion elegant independent and free attitude to life.
              'mso-spacerun:yes'>  whole new way.  EVE de CINA  integrates Chinese  spirit  into  costume designing  and  blends Innovation and tradition. Traveling through primitive  history  and  fashionable  future , the  brand
              displays   the  Chinese  spirit incisively and vividly, reveal s  the calm temperament and profundity.  When  luxury and  jollification  boosting,   EVE de CINA  shows “Made In China” by  excellent  traditional  handicraft and ingenious creativity.