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        Inheriting nation traditional

        EVE GROUP Inheriting Chinese nation traditional culture
        On March 24 2015, On the EVE DE CINA clothing show for Mercedes-benz China international fashion week opening show, EVE GROUP CEO  and  Party branch secretary  Xia Hua  said:” Today , I want to do a wayward thing” when  talking  about  inheriting traditional  handicraft. She said:” When  people are accelerating and  thinking about  fast-fashion brand , I hope to  bring some  different  thinking. Why  we  can’t  slow down the pace, start from  the glimmers of guizhou miao embroidery niang. These are the most simple beauty in China. They s hould not only display in the museum, but also be realized the world fashion.”
        On May 10, with  the  support  of women development department  of all-china women's federation  and  other organizations , China handicraft innovative design art exhibition  which  held by  EVE  China  handicrafts  workshop and the national association of women knitting opened  grandly  in  EVE castle  in  Garden expo garden. At the same time,EVE  China  handicrafts  workshop  pushed out  “nternet + handicraft workshop” and  “Small embroidered clothing” online conference , it attracted including political、academic 、commercial、artistic、and fashionable  guests’ attention and participation.
        The second session of UNESCO's creative cities Beijing summit held in Beijing on June 6th. The topic of the summit is “Creativity and sustainable development”. It’s jointly hosted by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization、the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China、scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) China national committee and  Beijing municipal people's government.
        As the chief exhibition platform, EVE handicraft  showed  the  process of extracting the  traditional  ethnic cultural  elements、developing creatively  and  commercialization.  The  Vice premier of the state council  Liu  Yandong  and  The director-general  of   UNESCO  Wave division Eva   visited China  handcrafts   workshop  and  gave affirmation and praise.