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            EVE GROUP promoting to build

            On  June 26  in  2007 , the  party branch of  EVE was established.

            EVE GROUP  closely combined Party construction and enterprise development, and  created  7 color Party construction.
            Red color: Building learning-type party organization and red base area .
            Orange color: Adhering Party construction driving labor  union  development ,passing  power and  energy.
            Yellow color: Implementing staff -warm -heart engineering, Congealing golden love.
            Green color: Devoting to social public welfare undertakings, extending voluntary energy.
            Cyan color: Cultivating  important pioneer of Party member, fostering  reserved  staff.
            Blue color: Making selecting and employing specification.
            Purple color: Transmitting  clothing brand culture and deducing purple fashion show.

            EVE GROUP adheres to  the  culture concept of  “the management of the mirror”、” the planning of love “ and ” three kinds of wisdom”. The party members play an exemplary role.The party branch plays the role of political core in the worker masses and political leading role in the development of enterprises. EVE GROUP  tries  to build a service-oriented innovative party organization in the enterprise , To achieve better development and  more social return.